coL.HoN Takes First in the IGN PPB Tourney #2

BY Andrew Miesner / August 7, 2011

Today CompLexity’s Heroes of Newerth team made a big splash in the HoN community by taking first place in the IGN Prime Pro Beatdown Tourney #2. This tournament was no walk in the park with teams like SK Gaming and Vitality in the bracket. Despite these big team names, coL.HoN stayed strong and made it to the final match where they faced off against Breakys’ Boys. Both teams played great games, but in the end compLexity came out ahead.

We’d like to give a huge congratulations to coL.HoN. They displayed a tremendous amount of skill and kept cool when the pressure was on. Be sure to keep an eye on coL.HoN as they continue to be a driving force in the Heroes of Newerth community.

If you missed out on the action, check out HONCAST for the replays, which should be posted tomorrow.