coL.HoN vs BYE Team – Sound Blaster Heroes of Newerth League

BY Andrew Miesner / March 10, 2013
compLexity 2 VS 0 BYE Team

Today, compLexity HoN kicks off their run through the finals bracket of the Sound Blaster Heroes of Newerth League as they take on BYE Team. This will be the final match in the first round of play, with the winner progressing to take on Tt eSports on Tuesday, March 12th. The Sound Blaster Heroes League is kicking it into high gear with 16 teams from North America, Europe, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the CIS Region will compete in a global tournament for pride and their share of the $40,000 cash and prize pool.

The match begins today at 2PM EST / 11AM PST.

The Sound Blaster Heroes League schedule was designed so that every single match will be broadcast live, around the world. The first week of March will be dedicated exclusively to the Round of 16 matches while the following week will clean up the Round of 8, semi-finals, and final match. Coverage of the SBHL will provided by the biggest names in Heroes of Newerth casting,Honcast, and compLexity Gaming’s very own Heroes of Newerth casting team at coLcast.



The bracket can be found here. More information about the SBHL can be found here.