coL.HoN Welcomes Andrew “Riser_” Bronze

BY Andrew Miesner / February 18, 2013

After weeks of searching for a 5th, following the departure of Rasmus “Chessie” Blomndin, compLexity is happy to announce that Andrew “Riser_” Bronze, formerly of Tt eSports, has joined the coL Family!

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Our resident HoN caster, Kyle “Beef” Bautista sat down with Riser_ for a quick interview:

Hello Riser, if you could, please introduce yourself.

Hello, I’m Andrew “Riser_” Bronze, I’m 25 and from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I’m currently a Junior in college studying English and playing for compLexity Gaming’s HoN squad.

You’ve been around in the scene for quite some time. Can you tell us about your history in competitive HoN?

I kind of got lucky with my introduction to the competitive scene. I started playing TMM and public games with se`busca from EG, as we had some mutual acquaintances and crossed paths in World of Warcraft briefly. I somehow swindled my way into a spot on their team, followed by SK Gaming, Jah and friends, Frenetic Array, Tt eSPORTS, and finally compLexity Gaming. I kind of owe my introduction and where I am now to se`busca as I doubt anyone would’ve noticed me.

Most recently you were playing for team Tt eSPORTS. What qualities did you display with TteS that made you the best choice to fill complete the coL.HoN roster?

Well, when coL was just forming they had approached me before about joining their team but I declined. I couldn’t miss another opportunity to join. I think they recognized my suicide and jungle play would be a good fit for their team.

You are being brought on to replace former coL.HoN player Chessie. Will you be taking over his role as a jungle player, or stepping into other assignments as well?

I will predominantly be playing jungle/second support for coL, occasionally playing solo lanes with heroes I’m comfortable with, similar to Chessie.

compLexity HoN has recently been struggling compared with their previous dominance over the scene. How will your addition to the team help to get coL.HoN back on the road to number one?

Well, with MoonMeander back in Canada and the competition being so fierce, everyone on the team is excited and motivated to try to reclaim their former glory. I think with enough practice and desire we can compete with the very best teams and claim some victories.

What excites you the most about joining one of the most prestigious gaming organizations around?

As far as HoN sponsors go, I think a lot of people will agree that they don’t really bring much to the table to help you aside from accessories. compLexity Gaming seems to be on another level. After seeing Peter (Franzzii) and Moon live at the coL gaming house I can truthfully say I’m part of the best organization and sponsorship you can get in HoN.

With the first Garena Star League international qualifier starting this week do you predict coL.HoN will be earning a trip to Thailand?

I really hope so! Everyone says they would love to visit Thailand, Sweden is just too cold.

It has been noted that in the past you have been absent from a few LAN events. When compLexity Gaming qualifies for these events are we finally going to get to meet you in person?

Yes, I’ve had some personal issues in the past, but I’m very committed to attending LANs and doing something meaningful in terms of eSports!

In the past you have written a few articles for various gaming sites. Will you be continuing to write by posting articles and blogs on

Yes, I’ve been lazy lately but writing is something I like to do. Peter’s (Franzzii) articles suck, just read mine.

And finally a fan inspired question. If you could be any hero in Heroes of Newerth, who would it be and why?

zai inspired answer: Devourer, so you can eat everything and gain more strength.

Thank you for taking some time to answer some questions. Do you have any closing words or shoutouts for the readers?

To all the fans and readers: don’t consider coL out just yet! Shoutout to all my former teammates who are still my good friends, and coL for bringing me in. Hope to see everyone at upcoming LAN events. And last but not least, shoutout to the coL sponsors Sound Blaster, QPAD, PNY, Creative, Origin, G8 Brand and Twitch!