coL.HoN’s Chessie Releases ‘Ophelia’ Hero Guide

BY Andrew Miesner / September 27, 2012

compLexity.HoN’s Chessie Releases ‘Ophelia’ Hero Guide

After a lot of demand from fans, coL.HoN’s main jungler, Chessie has decided to start doing Hero guides for fans. He starts off with a guide on Ophelia, a hero that is difficult to play in the eyes of many. The hero has had a significant effect on the HoN competitive scene for some time and is generally considered as a top tier pick for most drafts.

This is what Chessie had to say with regards to the guide:

Hello everyone! With my recent success with Ophelia in competitive play, I’ve gotten a massive response from people who wants to learn how to master this amazing hero. The requests for coaching and assistance has been overwhelming, and since I simply do not have time to coach each and every one who wants to learn, I came up with the idea to make the coaching FREE for everyone on a streaming-session!

What you can expect me to cover in this session:

  • Starting items for different matchups
  • Later items for different matchups
  • How to maximize the farm for fast early levels
  • How to sucessfully beat a parasite chasing you
  • How to stack multiple camps easy and effective
  • Which creeps to use and WHEN!

Be sure to check out the VoD of the guide here: