coL.HoN’s Franzzii Interviewed by Clan Milk

BY Andrew Miesner / September 18, 2012

coL.HoN’s Peter “Franzzii” Dager Interviewed by Clan Milk

Clan Milk’s yumstix sat down with our very own Peter “Franzzii” Dager to discuss the recent results of the compLexity.HoN team along with where he thinks the team will go in the months ahead. They also discuss Franzzii’s thoughts on the scene, including where he see the future of Heroes of Newerth and the development of other scenes including that of South-East Asia.

The interview is structured as a fun conversation and does include some sarcasm and light humour from both the interviewer and Franzzii which is somewhat refreshing to see amidst the amount of scripted, to-the-letter interviews that currently fulfil our scene. Franzzii is currently residing in the compLexity Gamma Gamer House along with fellow HoN player David “MoonMeander” Tan and you can find his stream at

Here is a sample of the interview:

Do you expect to see a further integration of the SEA and INT scene in the near future?

I would love nothing more than for the Asian teams to participate more with the International scene. I don’t know if there’s anything in the works, but I would love for Garena to host a LAN and bring the INT teams to it.

What do you expect to see in the future of competitive HoN, or what would you like to see from S2 Games?

Just like most other top-tier gamers I want there to be more LANs. Dreamhack is awesome but I think we can do better than simply two LANs a year. Hopefully HoNTour helps with this.

How do you think the Complexity team travelling at the moment? Are you confident for upcoming tournaments?

We’re always confident; playing any other way is stupid. We believe we can win any game with any lineup no matter how much we’re down. The team in general is going very well, we all get along and we are active players who log on more than to just scrim.

Check out the full interview HERE