coL.HS @ Blizzcon Prelims

BY Andrew Miesner / August 12, 2016

by Sören ‘Fantasy’ Vendsahm

It’s Summer in the Hearthstone Tour calendar and that means only one thing – yet another chance for the best of each region go head-to-head for a ticket to BlizzCon. Just as in Winter and Spring, the strong European region starts the festivities with Preliminaries this weekend in Taverns all over the continent. From Spain to Romania, Italy to Norway, every country invites brave heroes and cardslingers vying for a Top 8 spot.

Answering the call for compLexity Gaming is once more a group of three crafty veterans, two of them already having a Top 8 placement throughout the circuit. Both Crane and Loyan made their way through a tough bracket in Europe last season, going all the way to the European Championships in Los Angeles. In the end it wasn’t quite enough for either of the coL boys to hoist the trophy and clinch the ticket to BlizzCon in November. Now they get another chance to redeem themselves and make it to the World Championships.

Third of the veterans is coL superstar superjj, who can look back at a rather unfortunate HCT season so far. In Winter and Spring the lineup and luck of the draw didn’t quite work out, limiting the German veteran to one last chance for glory. It’s now or never for Loyan and superjj, while Crane is in a good position for a Last Call spot in October.

Other regions will have Hearthstone players repping the two swooshes of compLexity Gaming though, as the squad once more features a total of five players in three regions. A week after Europe, TheJordude will have his moment to shine against the best of North America, followed by Midrange queen Sylvanhunter in Southeast Asia.

To follow all the action, make sure to tune in to starting tomorrow with Europe’s finest duking it out starting at 2 PM CEST / 8 AM EDT / 5 AM PDT.