coL.HS in Heroes of Cards

BY Andrew Miesner / February 21, 2015

by Sören ‘Fantasy’ Vendsahm

compLexity Gaming’s Hearthstone team returns to action for one of the busiest stretches in team history so far. From this weekend on plenty of tournaments will feature the cardslingers from the red-black brand, on their quest to add the first championship to the young project in Blizzard’s virtual Inn.

While Pinnacle 3, Hearthstats Champions League, NEL and other events are already visible on the horizon, the focus this weekend is on the return of Heroes of Cards. For the new year the organizers of the tournament have a new approach to the tournament system, creating a league format with re-occuring stars playing for a berth in the LAN finals. compLexity Gaming is proud to be part of that new venture with two players fighting for cup victories and a spot in the offline event down the stretch.

For Dog it will be one of the last outings before boarding the plane and embarking on the tremendous journey that NEL in China is going to be. Him and the TempoStorm team will go east and try to conquer the Asian Inn against the toughest competitions in all of China. Until then, stiff competition awaits coL’s own, starting with Lifecoach waiting in the first round of Heroes of Cards Cup #1. Both have a bit of a history with a Dreamhack Winter 2014 duel for a berth in the playoff bracket of the stacked event in Sweden. Back then, Dog couldn’t overcome the former Poker professional from Germany – getting busted one win away from the Top 8. Lifecoach eventually went on and claimed a spot in the Final Four of that event, making it his best offline event yet. Now it’s time for the rematch with Dog poised to avenge his lost and move on in the tournament.

While Dog fights Lifecoach, the second team member of compLexity Gaming, SjoW, will have a massive task at hand. The draw of the first round gave the Swedish player one of the toughest opponents to face in a Hearthstone tournament, with Ukrainian superstar and Cloud 9 standout Kolento being the first foe. For SjoW it will be his return to the tournament scene after being absent for the first month of this year due to vacation. The next couple of weeks will be full on for the Swedish star, as he will climb back into the ring in several tournaments, eager to win his first Hearthstone event. Heroes of Cards presents the first opportunity for that – with a formidable and stacked tournament to show for.

Aside from those four mentioned names, many other stars from all over North America and Europe will attempt to become the ultimate hero of Blizzard’s virtual card game. British stars GreenSheep and Blackout, TempoStorm’s own Hyped and Nihilum’s legendary players Rdu and ThijsNL will join the clash. Even the booth is star-studded with popular streamer Kripp himself leading the charge. So join the stream and support the tournament and our players tonight. SjoW and Kolento will take center-stage on at 7:30 PM CET / 1:30 PM EST, while Lifecoach and Dog will duke it out one hour later.The broadcast will start at 6:30 PM CET / 12:30 PM EST with the ThijsNL and Gnimsh kicking off the 2015 season of Heroes of Cards.