coL.HS in Pinnacle and HearthStats Champions League

BY Andrew Miesner / February 24, 2015

After less than stellar results over the weekend, compLexity Gaming’s Hearthstone team is looking to regroup and attempt to conquer the Inn once more. Both Dog and Alchemixt will be featured today, first looking to make it through a group stage.

For Dog the prestigious Pinnacle tournament is on the calendar. The Druid specialist has attempted to qualify for the tournament a number of times, until finally getting an invite for the third edition. In the stacked field of top-notch players he will have his work cut out for him, trying to get the two wins to make it into the playoff bracket. Savvy veterans like the German tandem Faramir and ek0p, as well as community favorite Forsen look to block his path in Group A.

Group B is equally impressive with yet another German duo of XiXo and Gaara, as well as TSM’s own MaSsan and Ukrainian superstar Kolento. To get far in this star-studded tournament is the goal of Dog, who is trying to get back on track to the splendid results he scored back in December. Since then, a break and some early departures from tournaments have plagued him, but now, in the dress rehearsal tournament for the big China trip, he is eager to show the world what he is made of.

Staying in the United States and trying to continue his roll from the various HearthStats tournaments last month is Alchemixt. compLexity’s newest member is set to march through yet another stage of the HearthStats tournament – the same way he did it at the end of January. Back then the aggressive player fought his way through three stages of the competition to wind up as one of 16 players in the Champion’s League.  Now the next goal has to be the Top 2 placement within the group, which would be an impressive feat to say the very least. Alchemixt got paired with ESL Legendary Series contender Darkwonyx and DreamHack Bucharest Champion Gaara in one group, being rounded out by newcomer and darkhorse Wheva. Only two people can make it into the playoffs, so at the very least two of his foes have to fall to compLexity’s hope.

To cheer on your compLexity Gaming darlings and channel your RNGesus for them, make sure to follow both broadcasts. The Pinnacle event will start at 5 PM CET / 11 AM EST over at , while HearthStats Champion’s League kicks off at 7 PM CET / 1 PM EST with being the destination.