coL.HS Kicks off the Hearthstone Pro League

BY Andrew Miesner / June 8, 2015

by Sören ‘Fantasy’ Vendsahm

The time is finally here. After a lot of rumors, speculations and excitement, the Pro League season in Hearthstone is finally upon us with the PVP Hearthstone Pro League starting the craziness. For the next ten weeks, 16 of the best Hearthstone players in the world, representing eight teams, will toss out Legendaries, Fireballs, Secrets, Traps and Hero Powers to try to win the majority of their 15 matches.

Playing in black and red and having the compLexity Gaming on their chest will be founding member David ‘Dog’ Caero, as well as newest coL.Hearthstone recruit Jan ‘superjj’ Janßen. Both will be in action right in the first two days of the league, trying to get the best possible start into the competition.

For Dog the journey starts with a rather unpredictable opponent, seeing as Dignitas’ own Korean Kranich doesn’t enter too many western Hearthstone tournaments or the NA ladder. So Dog has to showcase his ability to adapt and fight through adversary, which is something the HPL match system will allow for. Not only will the players not submit any decks ahead of time, but there will also be close to no restriction as to what the players have to play. In the most dedicated attempt to give a tournament the ladder feel, PVP Live has made the match system more “anything goes” than any tournament before. A player can choose to play the whole Best of Five with just one deck, or even five decks. He also has the liberty to leave the match screen and sideboard some of this decks, if he is doing so in the set time limit for those actions. Overall it will be a completely unique experience, one that people will have to get used to at first.

So the first week is a learning experience to get acclimated with the changed system. For Dog he will have two chances to master the system in the first week, playing Hearthlytic’s Muzzy on Wednesday, two days after his match against Kranich.

superjj on the other side will only have one match ahead of him this week, making it a more relaxed introduction into the league. Facing off against Hearthlytic’s Midrange Hunter specialist Jab on Tuesday will be the first big individual test for the newest coL.Hearthstone member on the big stage.

Follow all the action and give the coL.Hearthstone players your energy and support on as they enter the Hearthstone Pro League in the quest to make it to the offline finals in Texas, USA this summer.


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