coL.HS Welcomes SuperJJ

BY Andrew Miesner / April 24, 2015

At compLexity Gaming we are constantly pursuing excellence. We look for not only proven talent but for players with that special spark that may be forged into a champion. Today complexity Gaming’s Hearthstone squad is proud to announce the arrival of a new cardslinger – Jan ‘superjj’ Janßen. In a game that is still growing in every sense of the word, superjj is one of the new warriors eager to prove himself in the arena against the best players in the world.

As a player from the new breed, he is not only a beloved and popular figure on Twitch but is also battle proven on the European ladder with outstanding performances in the last couple of months. In November superjj fought his way to the coveted #1 spot on both North America and Europe. A few months later in February, hej took down some of the best players on his quest to the top five in that month’s ladder ranking – both of those accomplishments netting him many valuable Hearthstone World Championship points.

Now, he is looking to continue his ascent to greatness in red and black attire, alongside his fellow compLexity Gaming teammates David ‘Dog’ Caero and Jordan ‘TheJordude’ Hong Tai.

compLexity General Manager Kyle Bautista had this to say:

“From my first conversation with superjj, I could feel something special about him. He has a fantastic mindset when it comes to competition and eSports, and the drive that it takes to find success in such a competitive game. I don’t know exactly what it is but I can’t express how excited I am to have superjj on our squad. I look forward to seeing superjj and Dog make a big splash in their upcoming event.”

The newest compLexity signing had this to say about his new team:

“I’m really looking forward for the upcoming time with compLexity and I’m proud to be a part of a professional organisation like this.”

Stay tuned to superjj’s stream for an entertaining and educational experience, and be on the lookout for an announcement regarding superjj’s first appearance under the compLexity banner.

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