coL @ IEM5 American Championship Movie

BY Andrew Miesner / October 20, 2010

Two weekends ago, took to New York City where they participated in the Intel Extreme Masters 5 American Finals, playing for a chance to take home $11,000 and secure a place at the IEM5 Global Finals in Hannover, Germany during CeBit. CompLexity fought through group place, going undefeated into the semi-finals where they would meet up with Dinc, the former Loaded team. managed to take down Dinc in 3 maps, advancing to the grand finals where they would take on EG. Both EG and coL proved that they wanted the win as the matches went back and forth over the course of all 3 maps before CompLexity pulled ahead and grabbed the victory along with the IEM5 American Championship.

After 2 consescutive hard drive failures and what seemed like a storm of technical issues, we’d like to present the coL @ IEM5 American Championship Movie produced by coL-LTD’s Nick “hvk” Cadwallader. The movie runs 3:16 in length and features frags from the playoffs and finals of the IEM5 American Championship against Dinc and Loaded. The movie is available for both stream and download in HD.

For a link to the IEM5 American Championship – Day 1 movie, click here.



Download: Here
Stream: Here