coL in WoW Heaven

BY Andrew Miesner / January 10, 2010

by Sascha “Yiska” Heinsich

RadicoL’s we did it! I got two things of good news for you. The first one is, we have a secure 2nd place finish and the better one is we also have the 1st! After an amazing performance by against Button Bashers in a mirror match, the RMP sweeps away all the bad memories of the past two tournaments away and aces (4-0) the Korean legends. Was it the wish of Flexx or was it Snutz battle cries? You decide. Having two games being decided by a mind control is just jaw dropping play.

The upcoming match will be a very tough one for as not only do they already have serious problems against, but they also do have a score disadvantage of 2-4 coming from the loser bracket. The finals will be best of 7. A little summary on how they were able to beat the Korean team that according to their Mage Orange did over 3500 games of practice for this event. Here is how it all went down:

Game One

RMP mirror on RoL.

Button Bashers starts on Sodah while coL.Red puts an early blind on Numberone and the Korean Mage has to block. Meanwhile Sodah pulls of a clutch mindcontrol and Numberone is too far behind. Sodah helps nuking Orange after MD’ing the block. Immense pressure, simply outplayed. 1 – 0 BB

Game Two

Round 2 on Nagrand.

Button Bashers starts very hard again on Sodah but he really shows some balls by not using pain suppression as Venruki manages to sheep Hiren into a fear by Sodah. Reckful at this point can get on the back of Hiren and gets dominated. Hiren then tries to vanish but Reckful lands a clutch counter cheapshot. The Korean Rogue tries to kite it off but it just isn’t enough as Numberone isn’t able to get in his line of sight and ends up using his pain sup way too late. Yet again, a pretty clear win.
coL.Red 2-0 up on their way to WoW heaven. Snutz, even though he doesn’t play keeps screaming. Are battlecries hardcounter to koreans?

Game Three

Round 3 again Nagrand.

The game starts out slow with cross saps on both Priests. Reckful is just more aggressive and opens on Orange right away while Hiren goes for Sodah. Numberone needs to trinket the blind and Orange needs to block yet again and the pressure is still on him. After a good sheep on Numberone there are still no heals on orange and with a CS into a Mindcontrol on Numberone the Korean Mage dies. Button Bashers getting outplayed. 3-0

Game Four

Round 4 again Dalaran. Legends have just been aced.

Game starts out with an opener from BB on Sodah but they immediately switch to Reckful which gets caught in a kidney. As they are standing on the stairs Orange has to stand near by and makes it easy for Reckful to switch on him. He drops to 50% and again he has to block. Instead of using the valuable free cast time to CC the DPS he gets reopened, blinks and gets caught in a nova which helps Reckful catch up and after two globals he dies yet again. Orange did properly flake here. obliterates Button Bashers in an RMP mirror and coL is in WoW heaven.

It is save to assume at this point that is pumped and wants some more. The duo of Sodah and Venruki that goes way back since the glorious TBC WoW Arena days are still waiting for their first tournament victory and it seems they are on fire. If you win like that against living legends, you definitely want to win it all. They have to either just play flawlessly with their RLD comp, or find a viable new comp that somewhat counters Beast cleave, which sounds not very likely. My prediction: coL will win!

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