coL.LoL in WellPlayed Cup Championship

BY Andrew Miesner / May 31, 2013

UPDATE: coL.LoL has been defeated by Wazabi and has been eliminated from the WellPlayed Cup.

UPDATE: coL.LoL has fallen to Team Summon 0-2, and will play in the Lower Bracket against Wazabi Gaming tomorrow (June 3rd) at 5PM PST / 8PM EST!

UPDATE: After successfully defeating Infinite Odds, coL.LoL will be playing against Team Summon tomorrow (June 2nd) at 3PM PST / 6PM EST!

This weekend, coL.LoL will be playing in the WellPlayed Cup in the championship bracket. The team was invited to attend the event based on their recent results in the LCS Summer Promotion tournament. This is the first event coL.LoL will be playing in since their LCS games earlier in May.

The event is scheduled to begin at 1PM PST / 4PM EST.


Losers Round 2

coL.LoL  1 VS  2 Wazabi Gaming

Winners Round 2

coL.LoL  0 VS  2 Team Summon
Game 2
compLexity Team Summon
Elise Ban Ban Rumble
Jayce Ban Ban Kha Zix
Ryze Ban Ban Shen
Thresh Pick Pick Karthus
Nautilus Pick Pick Ezreal
Diana Pick Pick Sona
Caitlyn Pick Pick Malphite
Zed Pick Pick Hecarim
Game 1
compLexity Team Summon
Ryze Ban Ban Jayce
Hecarim Ban Ban Rumble
Twisted Fate Ban Ban Kha Zix
Thresh Pick Pick Karthus
Jarvan IV Pick Pick Ezreal
Shen Pick Pick Sona
Tristana Pick Pick Nautilus
Kennen Pick Pick Elise

Winners Round 1

coL.LoL  2 VS  0 Infinite Odds
Game 1
compLexity Infinite Odds
Lee Sin Ban Ban Jayce
Evelynn Ban Ban Kennen
Twisted Fate Ban Ban Thresh
Kha Zix Pick Pick Shen
Nautilus Pick Pick Zac
Diana Pick Pick Karthus
Gragas Pick Pick Draven
Fiddlesticks Pick Pick Nami
Game 2
compLexity Infinite Odds
Lee Sin Ban Ban Diana
Evelynn Ban Ban Kha Zix
Draven Ban Ban Thresh
Shen Pick Pick Jayce
Twisted Fate Pick Pick Jarvan IV
Nami Pick Pick Ryze
Tristana Pick Pick Vayne
Nautilus Pick Pick Blitzcrank


The full bracket can be found here and the full schedule for this weekend can be found here.


Each match played will be a Best of Three on the map Summoner’s Rift.

Prize Pool

  • 1. $1000
  • 2. $500
  • 3. $300
  • 4. $100
  • 5/6. $50

In addition to the standard prize pool above, the community can also donate towards expanding the prize pool here.