coL.LoL vs CLG & GGU in LCS Week 3

BY Andrew Miesner / February 22, 2013
compLexity 0-2 VS 2-3 CLG

Post-Match Report

In their third game of the League of Legends Championship Series, coL.LoL was defeated by Counter-Logic Gaming. Although fighting hard to keep the game as even as possible, coL.LoL was unable to secure the comeback. During the game, Nickwu expertly utilized Shen ultimates to turn around a couple of skirmishes between the two teams. Although coL was able to secure the second dragon of the game, the pressure from all of their lanes proved to be too much and they were unable to secure any tower kills. With limited map control and the poke damage from CLG, coL.LoL’s nexus fell.

Pre-Match Report

In the second match of this week, coL.LoL is going head to head with League of Legends veteran team Counter-Logic Gaming. After the disappointing loss against Vulcun, coL.LoL is determined to get their first win in the League of Legends Championship Series. Knowing that CLG fell to both Vulcun and Dignitas in Thursdays matches proves that they are a team that can be overcome. With a roster consisting of HotshotGG (Top Lane), Chauster (Jungler), Link (Mid Lane), Doublelift (ADC), and Aphromoo (Support), coL.LoL will be facing against a team that has seen it all. Although it is not an easy task, coL.LoL is in it to win it!

They’ll face off tonight (Friday, 2/22) at 6:00pm PST / 9:00pm EST!


Match of the Week

Today’s match of compLexity Gaming vs Counter-Logic Gaming is our MOTW (Match of the Week), where you get the opportunity to win some great gear from compLexity Gaming and its partners. For today’s contest, simply predict the match MVP and their KDA Ratio for your chance to win a QPAD OM-75 Gaming Mouse! All predictions must be submitted via the comments section below in order to qualify.

MVP: coL.Lautemortis
KDA Ratio: 2.5

Note: Since the KDA Ratio can vary greatly, the winner will be chosen from everyone who predicted the MVP AND the closest KDA Ratio, without going over.


NA Standings
#1 Curse 6-0 6 Points
#2 Dignitas 5-2 5 Points
#3 TSM 4-2 4 Points
#4 CLG 2-3 2 Points
#5 compLexity 0-2 0 Points
#6 MRN 0-2 0 Points
#7 Vulcun 2-5 2 Points
#8 GGU 1-4 1 Points
League Championship Series Week 3
compLexity Counter-Logic Gaming
Nidalee Ban Ban Zed
Twisted Fate Ban Ban Singed
Syndra Ban Ban Kayle
Shen Pick Pick Xin Zhao
Jarvan Pick Pick Taric
Thresh Pick Pick Jayce
Twitch Pick Pick Malphite
Cassiopeia Pick Pick Urgot
compLexity 0-2 VS 1-4 GGU

Post-Match Report

In their final match this week in the League of Legends Championship Series, coL.LoL came out ahead with their first win of the series. In this game coL.LoL executed superb strategies. Despite losing first blood and the first dragon, coL.LoL managed to come back with a strong win. At around 17 minutes into the game, GGU was attempting to grab the second dragon of the game. With extreme patience and discipline, Lautemortis and Chuuper managed to target down DontMashMe, eliminating most of GGU’s damage. This allowed the rest of coL.LoL to clean up the entire team of GGU and securing that second dragon. This was the major turning point of the game. Thirty-two minutes in, coL decides they are going to go for baron. This resulted in a lot of deaths for coL, but GGU’s health was very low and they wanted to get baron. When coL notices this, they utilized Shen’s ultimate to reenter the Baron pit, and although being unable to get baron, they killed four members of GGU. coL was then able to secure several towers, and maintain lane pressure by using Nickwu’s Shen to split push the lanes. When the second Baron came up, coL was able to kill it uncontested, and then pushed for their first win in the LCS.

Pre-Match Report

In the third and final match of the week, coL.LoL will go up against Good Game University. There has not been much in the way of practice between the two teams, and they have not faced off before. This means that this match can easily go either way. The current GGU roster consists of ZionSpartan (Top Lane), NintendudeX (Jungler), Shiphtur (Mid Lane), DontMashMe (AD Carry) and i am Anjo (Support). Both teams know the importance of wins this early on in the series, so you can expect the best performances from all players.

They’ll face off tonight (Friday, 2/22) at 8:00pm PST / 11:00pm EST!

League Championship Series Week 3
compLexity Good Game University
Zed Ban Ban Nidalee
Jayce Ban Ban Fizz
Twisted Fate Ban Ban Kayle
Shen Pick Pick Xin Zhao
Taric Pick Pick Leona
Vi Pick Pick Twitch
Ezreal Pick Pick Lee Sin
Malphite Pick Pick Cho Gath


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