coL.LoL vs CLG in LCS Week 4

BY Andrew Miesner / March 1, 2013
compLexity 1-7 VS 6-4 CLG

Post-Match Report

In a hard and long super week, coL.LoL finished with another loss against CLG. Despite establishing an early lead by Brunch U getting an early first blood onto Doublelift and Lautemortis sucessfully ganking top lane to secure Nickwu a kill onto HotShotGG, CLG was able to quickly bring the match back into their favour and overall take the win. CLG suppressed any initiation from coL.LoL by using the power of Link’s Nidalee spears to deal massive damage. With the high amount of poke damage, there was not much that could be done and CLG had openings to easily take objectives. With a hard end to a hard week, coL.LoL will be back to the drawing board trying to get more practice in and getting ready for their next matches in the upcoming weeks.

Pre-Match Report

After a long and grueling super week, coL.LoL has yet to win a match. There is one last chance for the team to earn one win this week as they take on CLG tonight at 6PM PST / 9PM EST. This is a rematch between the two teams. The last time these teams went head-to-head, it was even until the late game pressure from CLG proved to be too much for coL to handle. Now that they have more game experience and more time to practice as a cohesive unit, coL.LoL look to give CLG a run for their money. Although CLG has a seasoned roster consisting of HotshotGG (Top Lane), Chauster (Jungler), Link (Mid Lane), Doublelift (ADC), and Aphromoo (Support), coL.LoL plans to bring new strategies and fresh vibes to the game.

NA Standings
#1 Dignitas 9-2 9 Points
#2 Curse 8-2 8 Points
#3 TSM 7-3 7 Points
#4 CLG 6-4 6 Points
#5 MRN 4-4 4 Points
#6 Vulcun 4-8 4 Points
#7 compLexity 1-7 1 Points
#8 GGU 1-10 1 Points
League Championship Series Week 4
compLexity CLG
Xerath Ban Ban Zed
Malphite Ban Ban Xin Zhao
Vayne Ban Ban Twisted Fate
Jarvan IV Pick Pick Shen
Taric Pick Pick Kog Maw
Kayle Pick Pick Lee Sin
Twitch Pick Pick Lulu
Jayce Pick Pick Nidalee