coL.LoL vs CLG – LCS Week 2

BY Andrew Miesner / June 1, 2014
compLexity 1-4 VS 3-2 CLG

On the last day of the second week of the North American LCS, compLexity LoL is set to face off against Counter Logic Gaming. Counter Logic Gaming was the 3rd place team during the spring split of the North American LCS. They are currently 3-2 (Win-Loss) here in the summer split and have their new top laner, Seraph, a Korean player. compLexity LoL’s first game of the week against Evil Geniuses ended up as a loss unfortunately. They have their minds prepared for what is to come, Counter Logic Gaming is a strong team, so compLexity LoL need to put everything they have into the game.

Going into the game, compLexity LoL need to find the courage to make the plays. They have been too afraid to make plays and it allows the enemy team to make the plays first. Dragon control is something compLexity LoL need to work on more. Their rotations have also not been what they should be, so hopefully they can learn from their previous games. Lastly, their synergy with Mancloud may not be quite where they want it to be, so communication is key.

League Championship Series Week 2
Shyvana Ban Ban Kassadin
Lucian Ban Ban LeeSin
Evelynn Ban Ban Yasuo
Nidalee Pick Pick Morgana
Corki Pick Pick Elise
Khazix Pick Pick Leblanc
Renekton Pick Pick Sivir
Zyra Pick Pick Jax