coL.LoL vs CLG – LCS Week 4

BY Andrew Miesner / June 14, 2014
compLexity 2-6 VS 5-3 CLG

Coming into the fourth week of the North American LCS, CompLexity Gaming LoL is set to face off against Counter Logic Gaming in their first game of the week. This will be the second game this split between these two teams; last time, Counter Logic Gaming was victorious but we will see just how much coL has improved since they last faced each other. Since Brokenshard is not back yet, Kevin “Kez” Jeon will take his place this week as a substitute once more. Kez was able to help the team achieve their second win of the season over Curse. He did exceptionally well going 2/1/10 as Lee Sin.

We will have to see just how well CompLexity Gaming does against Counter Logic Gaming, who are currently in fourth place with 5 wins and 3 losses. coL.LoL are currently tied with Evil Geniuses and Curse with 2 wins and 6 losses. 

The match is scheduled to begin at 6PM EST.

Nidalee Ban Ban LeeSin
Morgana Ban Ban Ziggs
Elise Ban Ban Evelynn
Lucian Pick Pick Braum
Thresh Pick Pick Twitch
Orianna Pick Pick Lulu
Nocturne Pick Pick Vi
Jax Pick Pick Shyvana