coL.LoL vs CLG – LCS Week 7

BY Andrew Miesner / July 4, 2014
compLexity 4-10 VS 9-5 CLG

Today, compLexity League of Legends looks to keep their playoff hopes alive as they take on CLG in a classic Independence Day slugfest. coL.LoL comes into the match at 4-10, tied for last place with EG, while CLG comes in at 9-5 and tied with LMQ and Dignitas for first place. The series may be 2-0 in favor of CLG this season, but coL.LoL has earned the nickname “Blue Shell” for a reason, as they continue to shock everyone by defeating some of the top LCS teams on a weekly basis.

The match is scheduled to begin at 4PM EST.

League Championship Series Week 7
Lulu Ban Ban Ziggs
TwistedFate Ban Ban Tristana
Orianna Ban Ban Kayle
Kassadin Pick Pick KogMaw
Elise Pick Pick Braum
Morgana Pick Pick Yasuo
Lucian Pick Pick LeeSin
Renekton Pick Pick Shyvana