coL.LoL vs Curse & Cloud9 – LCS Week 11

BY Andrew Miesner / August 1, 2014
compLexity 8-16 VS 10-14 Curse

Today, compLexity League of Legends faces their most vital week of the LCS as look to secure their spot in the North American LCS Playoffs. Of course, this week happens to be a super-week, meaning coL.LoL will take on 4 teams in 3 days.

In the first match of the day, compLexity will take on Curse. Curse currently sits in that all important 6th position, and with coL.LoL 2 games out, this is a must win for the boys in black.

The match is scheduled to begin at 3PM EST.

League Championship Series Week 11
coL Curse
Kassadin Ban Ban Ziggs
Tristana Ban Ban Irelia
Rengar Ban Ban Evelynn
Maokai Pick Pick Lulu
Elise Pick Pick Nunu
Syndra Pick Pick Orianna
Jinx Pick Pick KogMaw
Braum Pick Pick Morgana
compLexity 8-16 VS 15-9 Cloud9

In the second match of the day coL will take on Cloud9 for the second time in as many weeks. compLexity comes into this match with a 2-1 record over Cloud9 and will need both victories here today to stay in the hunt and avoid relegation.

The match is scheduled to begin at 6PM EST.

League Championship Series Week 11
compLexity Cloud9
Yasuo Ban Ban Kassadin
KogMaw Ban Ban Tristana
Rengar Ban Ban Ziggs
Maokai Pick Pick DrMundo
Elise Pick Pick Evelynn
Orianna Pick Pick Syndra
Corki Pick Pick Twitch
Morgana Pick Pick Braum