coL.LoL vs Curse in LCS Week 2

BY Andrew Miesner / February 14, 2013
compLexity 0-1 VS 4-0 Curse Gaming

Post-Match Report


It was a tough day for coL.LoL. In their debut match in the League of Legends Championship Series coL.LoL had to take on Curse Gaming, one of the best teams in the LCS. Despite all the hard work and practice hours that coL.LoL put in, they fell to Curse.

While coL.LoL did ultimately lose, it should be said that they put up a hard fight. coL.LoL took down the first two towers of the game, along with the first three Dragon kills. However, at the 20 minute mark things began to swing in Curse’s favor. Curse started taking down towers, catching good fights, and evening the field with Dragon kills. Ultimately the momentum shift was too strong and Curse was able to push through the middle into coL’s base.

coL.LoL put on a great performance in their first LCS match. While they weren’t able to take down Curse, they still proved to be a powerful squad capable of giving one of the best teams in the LCS a run for their money.


Pre-Match Report

This is compLexity’s first match in the League of Legends Championship Series and it is against none other than one of the top contenders in the North American scene, Curse Gaming. Curse is currently 3-0 in the league winning games against some of the top contenders in the LCS: Dignitas, CLG and GGU.

Curse consists of some of the top players currently in North America. With the likes of Voyboy, Saint Vicious, NyJacky, Cop, and Elementz coL.LoL has a tough matchup for their debut match.

coL.LoL has been putting in tons of hours going over strategies and practicing as much as they can in anticipation of their matches for the LCS. Going in with high hopes and the need to prove to the world that they are one of the top contenders, coL.LoL is ready to take on their first major match in the LCS.

Match of the Week

Today’s match is our match of the week, where you get the opportunity to win some great gear from compLexity Gaming and its partners. For today’s contest, simply predict the match MVP and their K/D Ratio for your chance to win a QPAD OM-75 Gaming Mouse! All predictions must be submitted via the comments section below in order to qualify.

Note: Since the K/D Ratio can vary greatly, the winner will be chosen from everyone who predicted the MVP AND the closest K/D Ratio, without going over.

NA Standings
#1 Curse 4-0 4 Points
#2 TSM 3-1 3 Points
#3 CLG 2-1 2 Points
#4 Dignitas 2-2 2 Points
#5 GGU 0-2 0 Points
#6 Vulcan 0-3 0 Points
#7 MRN 0-1 0 Points
#8 compLexity 0-1 0 Points
League Championship Series Week 2
compLexity Curse Gaming
Nidalee Ban Ban Rumble
Xin Zhao Ban Ban Shen
Jarvan IV Ban Ban Kayle
Vi Pick Pick Miss Fortune
Renekton Pick Pick Hecarim
Soraka Pick Pick Elise
Kog’maw Pick Pick Taric
Lux Pick Pick Ryze


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