coL.LoL vs Curse – LCS Week 3

BY Andrew Miesner / June 7, 2014
compLexity 1-5 VS 2-4 Curse

Today, compLexity League of Legends looks to secure their second win of the North American LCS season as they take on Curse. Curse comes into this match with a 2-4 record, after defeating Team EG while coL.LoL sits at 1-4 after defeats by both CLG and EG last week. In addition to the tough road ahead, coL.LoL will be playing with Kez while Brokenshard is home in Israel.

The match is scheduled to begin at 6PM EST.

League Championship Series Week 3
coL Curse
Elise Ban Ban Kassadin
Khazix Ban Ban Orianna
Leblanc Ban Ban Evelynn
LeeSin Pick Pick Lulu
Lucian Pick Pick Yasuo
Thresh Pick Pick Pantheon
Renekton Pick Pick Corki
Annie Pick Pick Leona