coL.LoL vs Curse, MRN in LCS Week 10

BY Andrew Miesner / April 19, 2013
compLexity 8-18 VS 19-7 Curse Gaming

The final two games for the tenth week of the LCS will be played today. The first game is against the top rated team, Curse. Out of the three games these teams have played against each other, Curse has won all three. Today, coL.LoL is looking to score one win off of this team, before they might not be able to play them again. The last game they played, coL.LoL had a very strong lead in the early and middle game, but were unable to close out the game for the win. Knowing that they can beat Curse, they just have to end as strong as they start, coL.LoL is prepared for the challenge that will be this game. Curse’s roster consists of Voyboy (Top Lane), Saint Vicious (Jungler), NyJacky (Mid Lane), Cop (AD Carry), and Elementz (Support).

This match is scheduled to begin at 2PM PDT / 5PM EDT.

NA Standings
#1 TSM 19-7 19 Points
#2 Curse 19-7 19 Points
#3 Dignitas 17-9 17 Points
#4 CLG 13-13 13 Points
#5 Vulcun 10-16 10 Points
#6 GGU 10-16 10 Points
#7 compLexity 8-18 8 Points
#8 MRN 8-18 8 Points
League Championship Series Week 10
compLexity Curse
Volibear Ban Ban Zed
Thresh Ban Ban Jayce
Jarvan IV Ban Ban Shen
Kha Zix Pick Pick Twisted Fate
Miss Fortune Pick Pick Lulu
Kayle Pick Pick Gragas
Amumu Pick Pick Caitlyn
Darius Pick Pick Udyr
compLexity 8-18 VS 8-18 MRN

The final game of this week will be played against Team MRN. With both of these teams currently rank at the bottom of the standings (7th and 8th), this match is crucial for both teams to win, so expect an intense match. The current head-to-head record between these teams is 1-2 in favour of Team MRN, but coL.LoL are confident that they can tie up the record. The current roster of Team MRN is MegaZero (Top Lane), ClakeyD (Jungler), Ecco (Mid Lane), Nientonsoh (AD Carry), and Heartbeat (Support).

This final match is schduled to begin at 7PM PDT / 10PM EDT.

League Championship Series Week 10
compLexity MRN
Renekton Ban Ban Kha Zix
Malphite Ban Ban Zed
Jarvan IV Ban Ban Amumu
Thresh Pick Pick Twisted Fate
Caitlyn Pick Pick Shen
Jayce Pick Pick Sona
Nasus Pick Pick Twitch
Gragas Pick Pick Riven