coL.LoL vs Dignitas, GGU in LCS Week 10

BY Andrew Miesner / April 17, 2013

Today marks the beginning of the second and final ‘Super Week’ in the League of Legends Championship Series. This week, coL.LoL will play against 5 dfferent teams throughout the week, with their first and second match airing today.

compLexity 6-17 VS 16-7 Dignitas


The first match of this Super Week was an overwhelming success. coL.LoL was able to play this game to their strengths using a strategy they formulated during their time off. Early in the game, coL.LoL were able to secure two kills after M eye A landed two amazing Death Sentences, setting up Brunch U for the kills. Utilizing the huge amount of area of effect damage from Miss Fortune, Gragas and Jayce, coL.LoL were able to engage in fights favourably and take objectives promptly. After 40 minutes of dominating play, coL.LoL was able to finally push into the base of Dignitas and take out the nexus.


The first match for today is against Team Dignitas. In the three games that they have played against each other, coL.LoL only won one of the matches. This will be the first match Team Dignitas will play against coL.LoL with their new lineup. As this is the final week, each match is extremely important. Every game that is played this week will ultimately decide the final season standings. Last week, Dignitas had a substitute jungler, but this week Crumbzz is back for them so coL.LoL has to play extremely safe using wards to spot out potential ganks. Dignitas’ current roster is KiWiKid (Top Lane), Crumbzz (Jungler), Scarra (Mid Lane), Imaqtpie (AD Carry), and Patoy (Support).

This match is set to air at 1PM PDT / 4PM EDT.

NA Standings
#1 Curse 18-5 18 Points
#2 Dignitas 16-7 16 Points
#3 TSM 16-7 16 Points
#4 CLG 11-12 11 Points
#5 Vulcun 8-15 8 Points
#6 GGU 9-14 7 Points
#7 MRN 8-15 8 Points
#8 compLexity 6-17 6 Points
League Championship Series Week 10
compLexity Team Dignitas
Diana Ban Ban Zed
Caitlyn Ban Ban Kayle
Renekton Ban Ban Kha Zix
Thresh Pick Pick Shen
Miss Fortune Pick Pick Nasus
Gragas Pick Pick Sona
Jarvan IV Pick Pick Draven
Jayce Pick Pick Twisted Fate


compLexity 6-17 VS 9-14 GGU


In their second match today, coL.LoL was able to use similar strategies from their first game to completely dominate Good Game University. Using the team composition they had originally planned for Team Dignitas, coL.LoL were confident in their play and they took an early lead. Using a buddy system constantly, coL.LoL did not suffer any losses early on in the game, and were able to secure all of the Dragons, as well as easily taking out turrets increasing gold their map pressure. After a couple of won teamfights, coL.LoL were able to pressure GGU enough to make them stay in base and defend their inhibitor turrets. Using the poke from Pr0lly and Nickwu, coL.LoL were able to take out the inhibitors of GGU’s base and after winning a very one-sided fight, destroying GGU’s nexus making their current Super Week record 2-0.


The second match coL.LoL will play in today is against Good Game University. Last week, coL.LoL had a disappointing show against GGU, playing awkwardly and being unable to initiate favourable teamfights. This week, coL.LoL is out for redemption for last week, looking to improve their head to head record against GGU which is currently 1 win to 2 losses. Perhaps this game not as many unconventional champions will be picked, but nothing can be ruled out. Good Game University’s current roster consists of ZionSpartan (Top Lane), NintendudeX (Jungler), Jintae (Mid Lane), DontMashMe (AD Carry) and BloodWater (Support).

This match is scheduled to air at 3PM PDT / 6PM EDT.

League Championship Series Week 10
compLexity GGU
Twitch Ban Ban Amumu
Elise Ban Ban Zed
Thresh Ban Ban Shen
Caitlyn Pick Pick Twisted Fate
Jarvan IV Pick Pick Nasus
Kha Zix Pick Pick Kayle
Gragas Pick Pick Urgot
Sona Pick Pick Riven