coL.LoL vs Dignitas in LCS Week 4

BY Andrew Miesner / February 28, 2013
compLexity 1-6 VS 6-2 Dignitas

Pre-Match Report

Today’s only game is against the second ranked team in the North American League of Legends Championship series. Team Dignitas is yet another team with LCS experience, and have showed their strength by defeating CLG and giving Curse Gaming their first loss of the season. coL.LoL has yet to win a match this week, but are looking for the upset by taking down Dignitas. This will be not an easy task as the roster for Dignitas consists of KiWiKid (Top Lane), Crumbzz (Jungler), Scarra (Mid Lane), Imaqtpie (AD Carry), and Patoy (Support), all veteran players.

This will be the second match tonight, airing at 2PM PST / 5PM EST. Be sure to tune in to see coL.LoL go head-to-head against Dignitas!

NA Standings
#1 Curse 8-1 8 Points
#2 Dignitas 8-2 8 Points
#3 TSM 6-3 6 Points
#4 CLG 5-4 5 Points
#5 MRN 3-4 3 Points
#6 Vulcun 4-7 3 Points
#7 compLexity 1-6 1 Points
#8 GGU 1-9 1 Points
League Championship Series Week 4
compLexity Dignitas
Singed Ban Ban Zed
Kayle Ban Ban Jayce
Diana Ban Ban Twisted Fate
Shen Pick Pick Xin Zhao
Taric Pick Pick Elise
Maokai Pick Pick Zyra
Kog Maw Pick Pick Draven
Kassadin Pick Pick Nidalee