coL.LoL vs Dignitas in LCS Week 5

BY Andrew Miesner / March 15, 2013
compLexity 1-8 VS 10-2 Dignitas

This weekend brings the fifth week of the League of Legends Championship Series live from MLG Dallas! One game a day will be played by coL.LoL, spanning over the next three days, as they battle with the best teams in North America. After a two week vacation from the LCS, every team will be at peak performance. New and exciting strategies are expected as well as refreshed game-play and clarity of thinking. Not only will all teams perform better, they will have to perform better in front of a live audience, which can be extemely intimidating. All teams will have a challenge this week, and coL.LoL’s first challenge is going up against Team Dignitas.


In the first game of the LCS this week, coL.LoL was up against the current top ranked team, Team Dignitas. The last time they faced off, coL.LoL was completely shut out. This game follows a much different path. Early in the game, coL.LoL was able to secure first blood and another kill, while Dignitas traded for another two kills. Shortly after, another two for two trade was given from both teams. All of the kills for coL.LoL however, were all from Lautemortis playing Cho’Gath in the jungle. This gave him an extreme advantage and was able to effortlessly bully each lane and keep Dignitas from gaining any advantage. With pressure added to each and every lane, as well as the poke damage that comes along with coL.LoL’s team composition allowed them to easily secure objectives, giving them the lead they needed over such a hard team to take down. Thirty minutes into the game, coL.LoL was making a move for Dignitas’ last bottom turret and managed to get a massive team wipe with a five for nothing trade. Later while dancing around the thought of taking baron, Chuuper on Kha’Zix jumped into Dignitas’ base and took down the two nexus turrets. With the added pressure of having no middle nexus turrets, Dignitas was forced to back. coL.LoL then secured dragon, baron, and ultimately Dignitas’ Nexus bringing in a huge win for coL.LoL.


The last time these two teams met, Dignitas used an unconventional middle lane tactic where their AD Carry and Support started in the middle lane. This worked in their favor because they took an early middle tower and had complete control of the map, shutting down coL.LoL. This week, coL.LoL expects to put up much more of a fight as they have been practicing hard for the last two weeks as a team. Dignitas’ roster consists of KiWiKid (Top Lane), Crumbzz (Jungler), Scarra (Mid Lane), Imaqtpie (AD Carry), and Patoy (Support). This match is definitely one to watch as coL.LoL battles the first ranked team in the LCS, Dignitas.

NA Standings
#1 Dignitas 10-2 10 Points
#2 Curse 9-2 9 Points
#3 TSM 7-4 7 Points
#4 CLG 7-4 7 Points
#5 MRN 4-5 4 Points
#6 Vulcun 4-9 4 Points
#7 GGU 2-10 2 Points
#8 compLexity 1-8 1 Points
League Championship Series Week 5
compLexity Team Dignitas
Diana Ban Ban Jayce
Alistar Ban Ban Caitlyn
Thresh Ban Ban Jarvan IV
Elise Pick Pick Kayle
Cho Gath Pick Pick Xin Zhao
Sona Pick Pick Lulu
Varus Pick Pick Draven
Kha Zix Pick Pick Renekton