coL.LoL vs Dignitas – LCS Week 5

BY Andrew Miesner / June 20, 2014
compLexity 2-9 VS 8-3 Dignitas

Closing out the 5th week of LCS, coL.LoL takes on Dignitas. Team Dignitas currently sits at 8-3, tied for first in the LCS standings, while coL.LoL sits at 2-9 and are looking to string together some wins in order to stay in the hunt. 

Kez will be returning in his new official role as the Jungler of coL.LoL after the team was forced to make changes to the roster due to Brokenshard’s VISA issues.

The match is scheduled to begin at 3PM EST.

League Championship Series Week 5
Kayle Ban Ban Ziggs
Lulu Ban Ban Thresh
Jax Ban Ban LeeSin
Kassadin Pick Pick Braum
Lucian Pick Pick Elise
Renekton Pick Pick Shyvana
Evelynn Pick Pick Jinx
Morgana Pick Pick Orianna