coL.LoL vs EG – LCS Week 11

BY Andrew Miesner / August 3, 2014
compLexity 10-17 VS 9-17 EG

We’ve now made it to the final day of the North American LCS regular season. Although today’s match has no playoff implication, compLexity and EG will be battling it out for seeding in the summer promotional tournament. coL.LoL comes into this match with the 7th seed, however a loss today will result in a tie between coL and EG. Due to head-to-head records, EG would then move into 7th place.

The last time these two teams faced was in week 7 where coL was able take down EG.

The match is scheduled to begin at 3PM EST.

League Championship Series Week 11
coL EG
LeeSin Ban Ban Tristana
Nidalee Ban Ban Maokai
Yasuo Ban Ban Ziggs
Braum Pick Pick Lulu
Syndra Pick Pick Elise
Evelynn Pick Pick KogMaw
Jinx Pick Pick Orianna
Gragas Pick Pick Morgana