coL.LoL vs EG – LCS Week 5

BY Andrew Miesner / June 19, 2014
compLexity 2-8 VS 2-8 EG

Going into the 5th week of LCS, coL.LoL takes on Team EG in a battle of the 2-8 teams. Both teams will be looking to keep their playoff hopes alive as the winner of the match will be tied with Curse for 6th place in the league. 

Kez will be returning in his new official role as the Jungler of coL.LoL after the team was forced to make changes to the roster due to Brokenshard’s VISA issues.

The match is scheduled to begin at 6PM EST.

LCS Week 5
CompLexity Evil Geniuses
Nidalee Ban Ban LeeSin
Kayle Ban Ban Kassadin
Braum Ban Ban Jayce
Lulu Pick Pick Ziggs
Thresh Pick Pick Morgana
Lucian Pick Pick Twitch
Elise Pick Pick Nunu
Leblanc Pick Pick Rengar