coL.LoL vs GGU and CLG in LCS Week 7

BY Andrew Miesner / March 31, 2013
compLexity 4-12 VS 4-12 GGU

Today, coL.LoL will take on both GGU and CLG for the rest of their 7th week matches in the League of Legends Championship Series.


After nearly an hour long game, GGU overcame coL.LoL. Both teams were playing completely even throughout the match. It only took one failed engagement to turn the game into GGU’s favour. Good Game Univeristy used Twisted Fate’s global ultimate to pick off Lautemortis as Shen to deter him from split pushing. After getting caught out by it one too many times, GGU had the advantage and moved in for the win. These two teams are now 1-1 in their head-to-head record.


In the second match of this week, coL.LoL will be facing off against Good Game University where they look to overcome them in the season rankings by earning a win. With both teams at a win/loss of 4-12, this match is crucial for both teams as it can change the current season standings. The current head-to-head record is 1-0 in favour of coL.LoL, and they look to extend that record to 2-0. With GGU on a current hot streak, they are not to be underestimated. Good Game University’s current roster is ZionSpartan (Top Lane), NintendudeX (Jungler), Jintae (Mid Lane), DontMashMe (AD Carry) and BloodWater (Support). This game is scheduled to play at 2PM PDT / 5PM EDT.

NA Standings
#1 Curse 13-3 13 Points
#2 Dignitas 15-5 15 Points
#3 TSM 13-6 13 Points
#4 CLG 9-10 9 Points
#5 Vulcun 7-11 7 Points
#6 MRN 5-11 5 Points
#7 compLexity 4-12 4 Points
#8 GGU 4-12 4 Points
League Championship Series Week 7
compLexity GGU
Orianna Ban Ban Amumu
Nasus Ban Ban Zed
Akali Ban Ban Thresh
Caitlyn Pick Pick Twisted Fate
Shen Pick Pick Elise
Sona Pick Pick Lulu
Kha Zix Pick Pick Tristana
Rumble Pick Pick Jayce


compLexity 4-12 VS 9-10 CLG


Despite gaining an early lead and holding onto it during the match, Counter-Logic Gaming was able to come out on top of coL.LoL. Although coL.LoL came out on top of a couple of the teamfights, a bad decision to push mid while CLG pushed their bottom inhibitor turret left their base open and exposed forcing coL.LoL to take the defensive. Even after securing the first Baron of the game, the map pressure of losing that bottom inhibitor was too strong and coL.LoL were limited to their side of the map. One final teamfight that ended in favour of CLG allowed them to push into coL.LoL’s base and secure the kill onto their nexus. These teams are now 0-3 in favour of CLG in their head-to-head record.


The final match this week is against Counter-Logic Gaming. This veteran team currently has the 2-0 lead over coL.LoL in their head-to-head record. With CLG currently on a cold streak, coL.LoL intends to keep them there as they battle it out for an ever so crucial win. The last game these two saw each other was in the fourth week where coL.LoL started off strong, but were unable to remain in the lead as CLG had a very strong harass team composition. This week, after watching CLG play more games, coL.LoL is prepared to go against them and make their head-to-head record a possible 2-1. CLG’s roster consists of HotshotGG (Top Lane), Chauster (Jungler), Link (Mid Lane), Doublelift (ADC), and Aphromoo (Support). This match is scheduled to play at 4PM PDT / 7PM EDT.

League Championship Series Week 7
compLexity CLG
Vayne Ban Ban Rumble
Evelynn Ban Ban Shen
Twisted Fate Ban Ban Caitlyn
Zed Pick Pick Jarvan IV
Kayle Pick Pick Twitch
Elise Pick Pick Lux
Amumu Pick Pick Lulu
Ezreal Pick Pick Malphite