coL.LoL vs GGU in LCS Week 9

BY Andrew Miesner / April 12, 2013
compLexity 6-16 VS 7-14 GGU

Today for the second and final match of this week, coL.LoL will be going up against Good Game University. After yesterday’s extremely close game with Curse, coL.LoL is extremely confident that they can finish this week off with a win. The current head to head record for these two teams is 1-1 for this season. GGU however, have not played against coL.LoL with their new roster and so they are at a disadvantage. With Pr0lly bringing out another unconventional mid laner yesterday, there is no way to tell what today will bring. If GGU loses their earlier match to Dignitas, and coL.LoL defeats them, coL.LoL will move up in rankings to rank 7. GGU’s roster consists of ZionSpartan (Top Lane), NintendudeX (Jungler), Jintae (Mid Lane), DontMashMe (AD Carry) and BloodWater (Support).

The match is scheduled to air this evening at 5PM PDT / 8PM EDT.

NA Standings
#1 Curse 18-4 18 Points
#2 Dignitas 16-6 16 Points
#3 TSM 15-7 15 Points
#4 CLG 11-11 11 Points
#5 Vulcun 8-15 8 Points
#6 GGU 7-14 7 Points
#7 MRN 7-15 7 Points
#8 compLexity 6-16 6 Points
League Championship Series Week 9
compLexity GGU
Kha Zix Ban Ban Amumu
Thresh Ban Ban Zed
Nasus Ban Ban Shen
Sona Pick Pick Jayce
Malphite Pick Pick Caitlyn
Kennen Pick Pick Karthus
Twitch Pick Pick Elise
Viktor Pick Pick LeBlanc