coL.LoL vs LMQ – LCS Week 3

BY Andrew Miesner / June 8, 2014
compLexity 2-5 VS 5-2 LMQ

Today, compLexity League of Legends looks to secure their third win of the North American LCS season as they take on the Chinese powerhouse, LMQ. LMQ comes into this match with a 5-2 record, after defeating TSM while coL.LoL sits at 2-5 after taking down Curse last night. In addition to the tough match today, coL.LoL will be playing with Kez while Brokenshard is home in Israel.

LMQ is a team from China who was previously a sister team to Royal Club, the second place team at the Season 3 World Championship. They came to the United States in hopes of becoming an LCS team, qualifying through the Challenger Series which they dominated, placing 1st in both seasons. Afterwards, they defeated XDG Gaming in the Summer Promotion Tournament with a clean 3-0 sweep and made their way into the North American LCS. Now, coL.LoL is set to face LMQ in their second LCS game of the week, beginning at 4:00PM EST.

League Championship Series Week 3
Kayle Ban Ban Ziggs
Kassadin Ban Ban Lucian
Khazix Ban Ban Annie
LeeSin Pick Pick Lulu
Evelynn Pick Pick Twitch
Zyra Pick Pick Thresh
Corki Pick Pick Elise
Orianna Pick Pick Nidalee