coL.LoL vs Quantic in NA Summer Promotion

BY Andrew Miesner / May 11, 2013
compLexity 0 VS 3 Quantic

This weekend is the League of Legends North American Summer Promotion tournament, and coL.LoL will be fighting to keep their spot in the LCS. Yesterday, a best of three series was played between Quantic Gaming and Team Astral Poke. In an extremely quick series, Quantic Gaming was able to come out on top with two quick and dominating twenty mintue games. As the victor, Quantic Gaming will be playing against coL.LoL to determine who will move forward into the next season of the NA LCS. Quantic seemed to be in their top form yesterday, and so coL.LoL will have to play at 100% to secure their spot in the next season. With Brunch U leaving and Chuuper replacing him as AD Carry, coL.LoL has been practicing on their teamwork during the off-season. Quantic Gaming’s roster consists of Balls (Top Lane), Meteos (Jungler), Hai (Mid Lane), SnEaKy CaStRoO (AD Carry), and LemonNation (Support).

This matchup will be a Best of Five, and is scheduled to air at 11AM PDT / 2PM EDT.

NA Summer Promotion Game 1
compLexity Quantic
Renekton Ban Ban Gragas
Elise Ban Ban Kayle
Nocturne Ban Ban Thresh
Twisted Fate Pick Pick Shen
Fiddlesticks Pick Pick Zac
Caitlyn Pick Pick Zed
Rumble Pick Pick Ezreal
Jarvan IV Pick Pick Sona
NA Summer Promotion Game 2
compLexity Quantic
Twisted Fate Ban Ban Gragas
Zed Ban Ban Kayle
Renekton Ban Ban Thresh
Shen Pick Pick Rumble
Zac Pick Pick Elise
Diana Pick Pick Kha Zix
Ezreal Pick Pick Jayce
Fiddlesticks Pick Pick Sona
NA Summer Promotion Game 3
compLexity Quantic
Zed Ban Ban Gragas
Kha Zix Ban Ban Kayle
Shen Ban Ban Thresh
Jayce Pick Pick Rumble
Jarvan IV Pick Pick Zac
Diana Pick Pick Twisted Fate
Graves Pick Pick Jayce
Soraka Pick Pick Sona