coL.LoL vs Team 8 – NA Spring Promotion

BY Andrew Miesner / September 11, 2014
compLexity VS Team 8

Today, compLexity League of Legends will play for their LCS lives as they take on Team 8 in a best of five series. coL.LoL comes into this match as the 8th place LCS team, meaning they are handed the team that CLG and EG did not wish to face, Team 8. Team 8 comes into the match as the top ranked Challenger Team after defeating Curse Academy 3-1 in the 2014 NA Challenger Series Summer Playoffs.

Take a look at our preview of the match here

The match is scheduled to begin at 6PM EST.


Game 1
coL Team 8
Gragas Ban Ban Ziggs
Nami Ban Ban Tristana
Nidalee Ban Ban Irelia
Alistar Pick Pick Maokai
LeeSin Pick Pick Khazix
Lucian Pick Pick Orianna
Syndra Pick Pick Corki
Thresh Pick Pick Braum
Game 2
coL Team 8
Nidalee Ban Ban Irelia
Alistar Ban Ban Syndra
Maokai Ban Ban Ziggs
Orianna Pick Pick Tristana
Nami Pick Pick Khazix
LeeSin Pick Pick Thresh
KogMaw Pick Pick Corki
Renekton Pick Pick Gragas
Game 3
coL Team 8
Maokai Ban Ban Tristana
Gragas Ban Ban Ziggs
Alistar Ban Ban Irelia
Nidalee Pick Pick Orianna
LeeSin Pick Pick Khazix
Lucian Pick Pick Nami
Syndra Pick Pick Corki
Morgana Pick Pick Malphite
Game 4
coL Team 8
Gragas Ban Ban Syndra
Alistar Ban Ban Ziggs
Maokai Ban Ban Nidalee
Corki Pick Pick Tristana
Khazix Pick Pick Nunu
Ryze Pick Pick Nami
Morgana Pick Pick Orianna
Zed Pick Pick Katarina
Game 5
coL Team 8
Gragas Ban Ban Tristana
Maokai Ban Ban Nidalee
Alistar Ban Ban Morgana
Khazix Pick Pick Thresh
Corki Pick Pick Lucian
Ryze Pick Pick Syndra
Zed Pick Pick Nocturne
Braum Pick Pick Malphite