coL.LoL vs TSM in LCS Week 10

BY Andrew Miesner / April 18, 2013
compLexity 8-17 VS 18-7 TSM

In the second day of Super Week, coL.LoL will be going up against Team SoloMid. These teams have played against each other three times before with TSM picking up the win in all three. Already securing two wins this week, coL.LoL is looking to end today with a win to keep their winning streak alive. TSM has yet to play coL.LoL with their new lineup, and with coL.LoL looking like a brand new team, TSM can expect anything to happen. TSM cannot be underestimated however, because they too are 2-0 for this week’s matches with their roster of veteran plays such as Dyrus (Top Lane), TheOddOne (Jungler), Reginald (Mid Lane), WildTurtle (AD Carry), and Xpecial (Support).

This match is scheduled to air at 2PM PDT / 5PM EDT!

NA Standings
#1 Curse 18-6 18 Points
#2 TSM 18-7 18 Points
#3 Dignitas 16-9 16 Points
#4 CLG 12-13 12 Points
#5 GGU 10-15 10 Points
#6 Vulcun 8-15 7 Points
#7 MRN 8-16 8 Points
#8 compLexity 8-17 8 Points
League Championship Series Week 10
compLexity TSM Snapdragon
Malphite Ban Ban Gragas
Renekton Ban Ban Zed
Shen Ban Ban Thresh
Jayce Pick Pick Sona
Caitlyn Pick Pick Nasus
Diana Pick Pick Karthus
Jarvan IV Pick Pick Draven
Elise Pick Pick Kha Zix