coL.LoL vs TSM in LCS Week 6

BY Andrew Miesner / March 21, 2013
compLexity 3-9 VS 9-5 TSM

The sixth week of the League of Legends Championship Series begins with a rematch against TSM. Last week, TSM was the only team to defeat coL.LoL out of the three games they played. Now having defeated the top team in the LCS, coL.LoL is confident that they can begin as well as end the second half of this season strong. Even though coL.LoL is confident in their abilities, the game will not be easy against a veteran roster consisting of Dyrus (Top Lane), TheOddOne (Jungler), Reginald (Mid Lane), Chaox (AD Carry), and Xpecial (Support).

This match airs at 2PM PST / 5PM EST, so be sure to tune in and show your support!

NA Standings
#1 Curse 12-2 12 Points
#2 Dignitas 11-4 11 Points
#3 TSM 9-5 9 Points
#4 CLG 8-5 8 Points
#5 Vulcun 6-10 6 Points
#6 MRN 4-8 4 Points
#7 compLexity 3-9 2 Points
#8 GGU 3-12 3 Points
League of Legends Championship Series Week 6
compLexity TSM Snapdragon
Renekton Ban Ban Elise
Rumble Ban Ban Thresh
Draven Ban Ban Kayle
Lulu Pick Pick Twisted Fate
Amumu Pick Pick Shen
Zed Pick Pick Caitlyn
Kog Maw Pick Pick Xin Zhao
Diana Pick Pick Sona