coL.LoL vs TSM – LCS Week 4

BY Andrew Miesner / June 15, 2014
compLexity 2-7 VS 5-4 TSM

Going into the second day of week 4 of the North American LCS, CompLexity Gaming League of Legends is going up against Team Solomid. In their last encounter, things did not go so well as it was in the first week of the LCS super week. They played Team Solomid for their 3rd game of the split; unfortunately, the game ended in a loss for CompLexity Gaming. At the time, the team was a bit timid when it came to making the proper plays, due to a lack of LCS experience. They did however manage to get the first dragon of the game at 14 minutes and 31 seconds. 

Advancing further on, coL.LoL knows how to play in the LCS now. They have the experience and have managed to be able to make plays without hesitation recently. Once again, they are not playing with Brokenshard this week since he is in Israel working on acquiring his VISA. Instead, Kez will be taking over in the jungle once more. He has been playing well these last two weeks now, so hopefully he can play his heart out to make the plays and get the ball rolling so we can bring home the victory!

League Championship Series Week 4
Karthus Ban Ban Nidalee
Leblanc Ban Ban TwistedFate
Braum Ban Ban Twitch
Corki Pick Pick Yasuo
Renekton Pick Pick Lucian
Thresh Pick Pick Lulu
Elise Pick Pick LeeSin
Ziggs Pick Pick Nami