coL.LoL vs TSM – LCS Week 5

BY Andrew Miesner / March 17, 2013
compLexity 2-8 VS 5-9 TSM

This weekend brings the fifth week of the League of Legends Championship Series live from MLG Dallas! One game a day will be played by coL.LoL, spanning over the next three days, as they battle with the best teams in North America. After a two week vacation from the LCS, every team will be at peak performance. New and exciting strategies are expected as well as refreshed game-play and clarity of thinking. Not only will all teams perform better, they will have to perform better in front of a live audience, which can be extemely intimidating. All teams will have a challenge this week, and coL.LoL’s third challenge will come against TSM Snapdragon.

The third game this weekend will be up against seasoned veterans TSM Snapdragon. These two team only have met once before two weeks ago in the LCS, where TSM came up with a decisive victory. Now that the two weeks of training has come to an end, coL.LoL is ready to show what they have learned and that they have worked on their game-play intensely. compLexity is coming into this match fresh off an upset victory over Dignitas and Vulcun CommandWith TSM ranked in the top three of the LCS, coL.LoL will have an extreme challenge in their last game of this week. TSM Snapdragon’s veteran roster consists of Dyrus (Top Lane), TheOddOne (Jungler), Reginald (Mid Lane), Chaox (AD Carry), and Xpecial (Support). As the fifth week of the LCS comes to an end, coL.LoL is looking to secure their second win of the series.

NA Standings
#1 Dignitas 11-3 11 Points
#2 Curse 11-2 11 Points
#3 TSM 8-5 8 Points
#4 CLG 8-5 8 Points
#5 MRN 4-7 4 Points
#6 Vulcun 5-10 5 Points
#7 GGU 2-12 2 Points
#8 compLexity 3-8 3 Points
League Championship Series Week 5
compLexity Team Solomid
Xerath Ban Ban Kayle
Twisted Fate Ban Ban Elise
Malphite Ban Ban Thresh
Rumble Pick Pick Sona
Volibear Pick Pick Jarvan IV
Lulu Pick Pick Renekton
Varus Pick Pick Miss Fortune
Kha Zix Pick Pick Orianna