coL.LoL vs Vulcun in LCS Week 3

BY Andrew Miesner / February 20, 2013
compLexity 0-2 VS 2-5 Vulcun

Post-Match Report

In their second game of the LCS, coL.LoL fell to Vulcun in an insanely tough matchup. Relentless ganking and insane poke damage proved to be too much for coL to handle. From the jungle, Lautemortis had to deal with the counter jungle of Xmithie as well as the inability to properly gank due to the escapability of both the top and middle lanes. In bottom lane, Brunch U and MeyeA had to deal with a harassing Ezreal and the stuns of Alistar making plays available for their team. While coL.LoL put up a valiant effort, the pressure put on by Vulcun was just too much for them to handle and the win was awarded to Vulcun.

Higher hopes are had for tomorrow night as we have two matches to see coL.LoL in, first against Counter-Logic Gaming, and second against Good Game University.

Pre-Match Report

In the third week of the League of Legends Championship Series, we get to see much more of coL.LoL. Three games are scheduled for this week to be played. First on the list and the only game played Thursday is Vulcun (0W-5L). Although Vulcun’s record is not squeaky clean, there is no reason to count them out as a tough opponent. With some of the unconventional strategies Vulcun has been using, there is no way of telling what can happen or what tricks they have up their sleeves. Vulcun’s current roster consists of Sycho Sid (Top Lane), Xmithie (Jungler), mandatory cloud (Mid Lane), Zuna (ADC), and Muffinqt (Support).

As we saw last week, coL.LoL played an excellent early game, grabbing the first two dragons and securing an early gold lead, but fell late game in teamfights. As it was their first game, coL.LoL has gone over what they did wrong and will come back stronger than ever. With both teams looking for their first win you can expect a huge match from both coL.LoL and Vulcun!

They’ll face off tomorrow (Thursday, 2/21) at 4:00pm PST / 7:00pm EST!

NA Standings
#1 Curse 5-0 5 Points
#2 TSM 4-2 4 Points
#3 Dignitas 4-2 4 Points
#4 CLG 2-1 2 Points
#5 compLexity 0-1 0 Points
#6 GGU 1-3 1 Points
#7 MRN 0-2 0 Points
#8 Vulcun 0-5 0 Points
League Championship Series Week 3
compLexity Vulcun Command
Hecarim Ban Ban Zed
Singed Ban Ban Kayle
Jarvin Ban Ban Thresh
Xin Zhao Pick Pick Nidalee
Soraka Pick Pick Alistar
Jayce Pick Pick Ezreal
Kog’Maw Pick Pick Lee Sin
Lux Pick Pick Elise


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