coL.LoL vs Vulcun in LCS Week 5

BY Andrew Miesner / March 16, 2013
compLexity 2-8 VS 5-9 Vulcun

This weekend brings the fifth week of the League of Legends Championship Series live from MLG Dallas! One game a day will be played by coL.LoL, spanning over the next three days, as they battle with the best teams in North America. After a two week vacation from the LCS, every team will be at peak performance. New and exciting strategies are expected as well as refreshed game-play and clarity of thinking. Not only will all teams perform better, they will have to perform better in front of a live audience, which can be extemely intimidating. All teams will have a challenge this week, and coL.LoL’s second challenge will come against Vulcun Command.


After nearly an hour long matchup, coL.LoL came out victorious over Vulcun, leaving coL.LoL with a 2 win 0 loss record for this MLG Dallas weekend. This game was played nearly dead even with kill trades and tower kills for the majority of the game. It wasn’t until coL.LoL attempted the first baron that things started to look grim. Diana was able to push the bottom lane all of the way into coL.LoL’s base and destroy their bottom inhibitor. This put coL.LoL in an extremely defensive position. As soon as their inhibitor respawned, coL.LoL decided they would push middle lane and take down Vulcun’s inhibitor while Vulcun secured the second baron of the game. Another stand still occurred as both teams played defensive until Vulcun’s inhibitor came back up. After a failed fight trying to take down the second tier bottom tower, Vulcun was able to push coL.LoL’s middle lane securing the second tier turret. It was at this time that baron had respawned, and coL.LoL was able to catch Nasus pushing top lane. This gave them the advantage to take baron. Noticing that coL.LoL was going for Baron, Vulcun decided to push into coL.LoL’s base – allowing for a potential base race. After securing the baron, coL.LoL killed the middle inhibitor of Vulcun, and immediately backed to defend their base. During this defence they were able to kill off three members of Vulcun, including the elusive Diana with an excellent bandage toss from Lautemortis playing Amumu. With the three members of Vulcun down for a long period of time, coL.LoL was able to push up middle and destroy Vulcun’s nexus!


The second game this weekend is going to be up against Vulcun Command. Last week these two teams met and had a very close game with Vulcun having an early game advantage and coL.LoL almost securing a comeback against them. Now that the two weeks of pure training has past for both teams, this game will prove which team made the most of their training. compLexity is coming into this match fresh off an upset victory over Dignitas. Although Vulcun is ranked sixth in the LCS, Vulcun has overcome CLG, which is a feat in itself. With a roster of Sycho Sid (Top Lane), Xmithie (Jungler), mandatory cloud (Mid Lane), Zuna (ADC), and Muffinqt (Support), we expect to see one action packed game.

The match is scheduled to begin at 7PM EST / 6PM CST / 4PM PST.

NA Standings
#1 Dignitas 10-3 10 Points
#2 Curse 10-2 10 Points
#3 TSM 8-4 8 Points
#4 CLG 7-5 7 Points
#5 MRN 4-6 4 Points
#6 Vulcun 5-9 5 Points
#7 GGU 2-11 2 Points
#8 compLexity 2-8 2 Points
League Championship Series Week 5
compLexity Vulcun
Nidalee Ban Ban Zed
Twisted Fate Ban Ban Kayle
Lux Ban Ban Elise
Thresh Pick Pick Sona
Rumble Pick Pick Shen
Caitlyn Pick Pick Nasus
Amumu Pick Pick Varus
Kha Zix Pick Pick Diana