coL.LoL Welcomes Kaniggit as General Manager

BY Andrew Miesner / May 8, 2014

The compLexity Gaming family would like to announce that Danan “Kaniggit” Flander will be joining coL.LoL as their General Manager. Danan will be responsible for day to day operation of the team, from housing to exercise regimens and time management.

Danan “Kaniggit” Flander started as a player, participating in the early days of Go4LoLs before slowing down to pursue a Bachelors in Computer Science degree at the University of Iowa. In his spare time he assisted 4Nothing Gaming before ultimately stepping into their General Manager position. After roster shakeups, including the loss of midlaner PR0LLY (now compLexity), he left 4Not and found himself working for Pulse eSports managing players like Sneakycastroo (later of Cloud 9), Evaniskus (later of Velocity), and Daydreamin (later of Coast). After a losing the original LCS qualifying event, Kaniggit and the Pulse roster transitioned into Team Dignitas’ B roster, qualifying for the next LCS qualifier, but not attending due to the team’s swift disbanding.

After a short break away from the scene, he returned to assist Gold Gaming LA in forming a Challenger roster, with its core centered around future Curse toplaner Quas. Shortly thereafter the roster was dumped by ggLA, allowing Kaniggit to establish The Walking Zed, with notable players like Yazuki (formerly of Cloud 9), Bischu (formerly of Alienware). After another failed LCS promotion event, Kaniggit took twz under Cloud 9’s wing, forming Cloud 9 Tempest. Along with this Kaniggit picked up a new botlane consisting of teenage allstar Altec as AD and Gleebglarbu (now of Team Solomid) as support. After yet another failed LCS promotion event with Cloud 9 Tempest, Kaniggit now rejoins PR0LLY and the rest of the Complexity Gaming roster as they enter the LCS.

In addition to Kaniggit, we’d like to welcome Kublai “Kubz” Barlas who will be officially joining as their coach, providing analysis for the team during the LCS season.

Join us in welcoming both Kublai “Kubz” Barlas and Danan “Kaniggit” Flander to the family!