coL.MoonMeander Interviewed by GosuGamers

BY Andrew Miesner / October 22, 2012

The good people over at GosuGamers just posted an interview with compLexity’s Heroes of Newerth star MoonMeander. For those of you who are not familiar with the HoN scene, compLexity recently won the DreamHoN Online Summer Championships: Redemption with a score of 3-0 versus Trademark eSports. This win earned coL.HoN $4,000 plus a free trip to DreamHack Winter in Sweden.

As you would expect, GosuGamers asked about coL.HoN’s plans and preperations for DreamHack, as well as touching on living in the compLexity Gamma Gamer House, team chemistry, and the upcoming HoN Tour.

GG: DHW is one month away, how do you and the team prepare for the big event? Any special plans?
Not going to give away any information on our “special plans,” but we definitely have some up our
sleeves, like other any team should. We’re preparing by scrimming regularly (no surprise there).

GG: What was your first thought, as soon as you got the confirmation that you are going to return to

My first thought was the atmosphere and meeting everyone and my fans again. We were all overjoyed
and yelling on Skype the moment we won our tickets so I’m sure my teammates feel the same way.

To read the full interview click here.