coL.MVP DongRaeGu qualifies for Code A!

BY Andrew Miesner / August 3, 2011

At long last the fantastic talent that is DongRaeGu has qualified for Code A! He won today, in dominating fashion, his games at the “Code B” tournament for entrance into Code A. DongRaeGu has long been considered the most talented player in the world outside the GSL format, as he has even won GSL Championships (GSL 3D Tournament) while still in Code B. In his final set he took out SlayerS_Cella with a 2-0 victory.

Congratulations to DongRaeGu on his latest achivement after a strong 5th place finish at MLG!



Due to the vast quality of talent currently not in GSL, each and every qualifier should be lauded for making it through this very tought bracket. Other notable qualifiers include Slayers_Boxer.

Congratulations once again to DRG!