coL.MVP sC’s Pneumothorax Relapses Again

BY Andrew Miesner / December 16, 2011

A little less than a month ago we reported that coL.MVP team member Kim Seung-Chul, better known as sC, was emitted to the hospital with a collapsed lung stemming from a condition called Pneumothorax. Despite being released from the hospital four days ago, sC has relapsed Tweeting, “Now it’s the left lung? Goddamnit –.”

According to a TeamLiquid post by Nate.F, sC will have to be readmitted to the hospital through Christmas, meaning he will miss out on Blizzard Cup finals where his teammate DongRaeGu will be taking on MMA.

It would mean the world to sC to know that his fans are thinking about him. If you have the time, please take a few moments to send sC an encouraging message on Twitter. Here are some simple Korean phrases that will let him know you’re thoughts and with him.

  • 힘내세요 – Stay strong
  • 화이팅 – Fighting
  • 얼른 회복하세요 – Get better soon
  • 빨리 나아요 – Get better soon (version 2)
  • 사랑해요 – I love you
  • 응원 할께요 – I’ll support you
  • 너무 잘생겼어요 – You are so handsome

Everyone at compLexity is wishing you the best sC! Get well soon!