coL Players Featured

BY Andrew Miesner / May 26, 2009

Two of our stars have been featured in two different interviews on other websites. Our newest Counter-Strike talent Andrew “Irukandji” Timmerman was featured at where he talks about the decision to move over to the compLexity organization from x3o.

Last week we interviewed Method as he was leaving the organization, what expectations do you have for you and your team upon teaming up with coL?

Irukandji: We’re going to work as hard as possible to do all we can to win under the coL flag. Living together for the summer should give us a chance to become a really strong team and it feels great to have the support of an organization like compLexity.

How do you see this relationship lasting between the complexity organization, and your team?

Irukandji: We have the highest of expectations for the relationship as we come into this partnership knowing that we’re going to do all we can on our end and from speaking to coL management it’s clear they know exactly how to run a successful gaming organization. We’re really excited to have the experience and professional of JaX and coL.1 behind us.

The other player to be featured was our WoW player Jordan “HappyMinti” Mance.

How did you get into playing World of Warcraft initially, what led to playing professionally and what keeps you playing the game?

Started playing when the game came out for fun, realized the game came pretty naturally to me and eventually a professional gaming opportunity just fell into my lap.

Gaming History: the console or pc games that you’ve played the most or had an impact.? Have you played any other games competitively?

Starcraft was what got me into gaming years ago, then Counter-Strike for a few years.

Outside of competitive eSports, what occupies your time. Are you a student? (major?) Any sports or hobbies?

I’m working on a Masters Degree in Software Engineering. I already have a degree in Religious Studies from the College of Charleston.

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