coL.QXC @ IEM Season VIII – Shanghai

BY Andrew Miesner / July 25, 2013

Our very own Kevin Riley (“qxc”) is in Singapore for the Intel Extreme Masters IEM Singapore event. Action is set to begin for our American hero on July 26, 2013 – 08:00 CEST.

IEM Singapore is the latest and greatest in the IEM line-up of ever-changing events. It will showcase the finest in StarCraft 2 and League of Legends right now. IEM prides itself on a very robust list of players, top tier casters and high-end production. This year features a dual tournament, as there is a qualifier bracket as well as a group stage bracket of previously qualified players. QXC qualified directly to the group stages, by finish top two in a North American qualifier, beating out his team-mate Hendralisk for a spot. The stage is set for a fantastic event in the heart of Singapore, as qxc is feeling on top of his game. 


  1. $10,000
  2. $4,000
  3. $2,000
  4. $2,000
  5. $1,000
  6. $1,000
  7. $1,000
  8. $1,000


QXC faces a tough challenge as his group is considered one of the hardest in the tournament, but he has revealed that he is looking forward to it as a way to immediately test his progress. He faces EG’s Jaedong, TeamLiquid’s HerO and SK’s MC in his group.


coL.QXC 1 VS 2 MC
Stage #2 – Group C
coL.QXC 0 VS 2 Jaedong
Stage #2 – Group C
coL.QXC 0 VS 0 HerO
Stage #2 – Group C