coL.qxc in Team ALT’s “The Gauntlet” Showmatch Series

BY Andrew Miesner / August 29, 2012

Tonight at 7:00PM EST, compLexity’s qxc will be participating in the third episode of ALT Starcraft’s showmatch series “The Gauntlet.” For those of you who may not be too familiar with The Gauntlet, it’s a pretty interesting idea. Basically Team ALT challenges a professional player to a 5 game showmatch. While Team ALT gets to switch out players after each game, the pro is left to take on whoever comes out next. With each win the pro will be taking home $20, meaning he could bring him $100 with an all-kill.

The map pool for The Gauntlet includes:
ESV Cloud Kingdom
ESV Ohana
GSL Antiga Shipyard
GSL Atlantis Spaceship
GSL Daybreak
GSL Entombed Valley
GSL Metropolis

To watch tonight’s episode, tune in here at 7:00PM EST.