coL.qxc Interviewed by Team Dignitas

BY Andrew Miesner / May 24, 2012

Recently compLexity StarCraft II star Kevin “qxc” Riley sat down with the writer “Maniak” from Team Dignitas to discuss his future in eSports, the prospect of returning to Korea, and the new compLexity’s Gamma Gamers House. Talking about his plans for the future, qxc sheds some interesting light on what it’s like to be “one of the best Terran players from the United States.”


So since you would like to participate again, I’m assuming going back to Korea for the GSL/GSTL is something on your mind? Or are you purely focused on foreigner events for the time being?

qxc: I would like to return to Korea even if only to participate in the GSL but not for some time yet. I’ve been playing part time for quite a while now and want to get my skill and practice regiment better before I go to a foreign country.

Speaking of foreign events, you recently won IPL’s Ye Old Map Tournament by defeating Quantic.Illusion 3-2 in the finals. How did you enjoy this tournament, and did you miss playing on all of the “classic” maps like Steppes of War and Scrap Station?

qxc: Most of those maps have been cycled out of rotation for one reason or another. I had fun abusing close spawn positions and strange cliffs quite a bit. It was a fun tournament although I’m not sure it’s one I’d like to repeat often

With MLG Anaheim approaching quite fast (June 8-10), you are planning on going there to compete. What are your goals for that event?

qxc: I go into every event with the intent to win. MLG Anaheim will be the first big event after graduation. I’ll be interested to see how my skill has improved and matches up to everyone else. I hope that I’m able to show good games and go far.


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