coL.qxc on State of the Game!

BY Andrew Miesner / January 29, 2013


Unfortunately, qxc is a little under the weather and will not be able to partake in tonight’s episode of SotG.

Tonight, our very own Kevin “qxc” Riley will be appearing on the StarCraft II talk show State of the Game. Joining qxc will be host JP McDaniel, GOMTV/GSL commentator Artosis, and Nv’s Australian Zerg player, mOOnGLaDe.

As always with SotG expect to hear discussions on the current state of the metagame, eSports, and StarCraft II.

The show kicks off at 10:00 PM EST tonight and can be watched live on JP’s stream. If you can’t watch the show live, the VOD is always uploaded to the official State of the Game site in a reasonable amount of time.