coL.qxc on TL Attack!

BY Andrew Miesner / October 16, 2012

VOD recently announced that compLexity’s very own qxc will be appearing on the next episode of TeamLiquid Attack!. Broadcasting on Wednesday, Oct. 17 3:00pm EDT, qxc will be joining hosts EG.iNcontroL and ROOT.CatZ. If you’re unable to watch the broadcast live, don’t freat. According to TeamLiquid, “VODs will be made available quickly following the broadcast.”

For those of you who may not be familiar with TeamLiquid Attack!, it is a fun, casual show where a progamer is invited to take on community members in custom 1v1 games. “Typically, the player attempts creative or non-serious strategies while sharing friendly banter with the hosts. The show is a great way to get to know the personality of the popular player that might not normally be seen in serious ladder games or in tournaments.”

If you’d like a shot at taking on qxc head over to the TeamLiquid Attack post on There you’ll find a cheerful template. “You can put anything you want on it, about any subject (the players, host, show, TL, ESPORTS in general, etc) and we’ll even show it on stream before you play your match. Just post your cheerful in this thread with your ID (character + code) and we’ll invite the winners during the show, so make sure to watch.” If you’re not into making cheerfuls, you can also get a chance to play qxc via the “random trivia way.”

Please remember to tune in on Wednesday, Oct 17 3:00pm EDT. Considering the crazy hijinks CatZ and iNcontroL got into last episode with Sheth, you’re not going to want to miss this upcoming episode.