coL.qxc Qualifies for Intel Extreme Masters – Cologne

BY Andrew Miesner / January 13, 2014

by Derek “Redav” Coombes

In a streak of success, our very own Kevin “coL.SB|qxc” Riley has qualified for yet another prestigous event. Yesterday, the second stage of the American Qualifier for the Intel Extreme Masters was held. In this stage, coL.SB|qxc battled his way against 16 of the top StarCraft 2 players in North America, moving his way through the bracket with relative ease. He was only thwarted in the Winner’s Bracket Final by Polt, where he was knocked down to the Lower Bracket Finals. In this best of five series, coL.SB|qxc was able to best his opponent Illusion to be named the second American to be qualified for the Intel Extreme Masters.

The Intel Extreme Masters will be held in Cologne and will take place February 13th through 16th. This event has a total prize pool of $25,000 and will consist of the 16 best players from around the world.

Qualifer Results

coL.qxc 3 VS 1 Illusion
Loser’s Finals
coL.qxc 0 VS 3 Polt
Winner’s Finals
coL.qxc 2 VS 0 Petraeus
coL.qxc 2 VS 1 HuK
coL.qxc 2 VS 0 Capoch
Round of 16